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“Engrossing and inspiring, Melissa Bradley’s presentation speaks to her dedicated work in the field of trauma healing. Her seminars are important for therapists and trauma survivors alike.”

Steven Levenkron, Author
Stolen Tomorrows: Understanding and Treating Women’s Childhood Sexual Abuse
New York, NY

“Ms. Bradley’s expertise on this subject and the content and value of information made for an informative and fascinating/energizing seminar!”

Cathy Glassner, LMFT
Case Manager
Oak Grove Institute
San Bernardino, CA

“Missy Bradley is the best instructor you (the seminar company) have! This was the first time in years that I have taken notes at one of these seminars because Ms. Bradley was the first to say something worth writing down.”

K. Reagan
Social Worker
Atlantic City, NJ

“Thank you! You are a great communicator! Very informative with humor and a great presentation manual. Well put together – lots of information!”

Connie Davis, MFT
San Bernardino, CA

“The instructor was well prepared and well versed. Very knowledgeable in her field!”


Sterling Fields, POIII
Los Angeles Police Department
Los Angeles, CA

“The seminar was fantastic! Melissa Bradley is a top notch professional and an excellent teacher. She did not try to impress the participants. She simply shared her knowledge and her heart. Thank you. She took a difficult subject and made it work for me. I am a better professional because of Melissa Bradley.”


Eric Harwell, President
Harwell and Associates, Inc.
Naperville, IL

“Incredible speaker! Best I’ve seen! Very valuable information. The biological and physiological information was great – a missed component for MFT trained professionals.”


Jessica Adamson
San Diego City Schools & MFT Intern
San Diego, CA

“There was a good balance of anecdotal stories, empirical evidence and practical skills!”

Jason Munzke, LPC
Spokane, WA

“Melissa Bradley’s overall presentation – clinical knowledge, humanness, trauma expertise personifies the “Thriver Mode!” Excellent and beyond!”

Marjorie Goldbaum, Clinician
Manchester, NH

“I have attended many of Missy Bradley’s classes and she has been instrumental in my personal and professional development. Missy knows her subjects very well and lectures in a very intimate and understandable way. She has an open style that invites people to interact with her and the subject.”


Marianna Perratta
Business Affairs
The Nashville Network
Nashville, TN

“I have participated in several classes/seminars that Missy Bradley facilitated. In the class called “Thinking Outside the Box”, Missy was very creative in her teaching. I am the type of person that tends to follow directions to the letter and to not be very original. In this class Missy taught me how to tap into my more creative side. This has helped me in both my career and personal life.”

Christine Bryant
Assistant to the VP of Sales and Marketing
Opryland Hotel
Nashville, TN

“I attended many of Missy’s training programs over the years. Missy is a gifted communicator. Her approach is gentle, yet she delivers a message that hits “home” for the attendees. She is the type of leader and trainer that ensures something important “sticks” with each and every attendee. She presents with confidence. She probes without being intrusive and she makes certain that each and every person attending her seminars feels that their opinions are valued.

The Team Building seminars that Missy conducted were in such high demand that they were booked months in advance. The training really made a difference in the way that individual departments worked together towards common goals. Team Building is only one of many, many seminars Missy conducted over the years. In each and every case, Missy delivered cutting edge, well-researched information that allowed our employees to discover the best in themselves and others.”

Kathy Roadarmel
Vice President of HR
Opryland Hotels and Attractions
Nashville, TN

Testimonials about Melissa Bradley-Balls work in Resilience and Trauma Healing

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