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Following Your Own Path

Sometimes the world has great opinions on how we should walk our paths, often for good reason. I recently was having a conversation with someone who apologized to me for the decision she had made in her choices. You see she thought I might think her “stupid” for choosing the path she chose and was surprised when I congratulated her on choosing her own way from a position of calm, centered, knowingness.

When we have that “soul voice” within say, “this may not make sense to anyone else, but it is something I must do” the path often leads us through important terrain. Time and time again, I have found the road less traveled comes from making the unpopular decisions when I have listened to the internal GPS.

“Sometimes, the lessons you learn from the choices you’ve made put you on the path to the best things that will ever happen to you.” (Bridgette Nicole)

“Don’t listen to critics. If you will notice, there has never, yet, been a statue erected to a critic.” (Composer, Jean Sebalius)


Have you ever made a controversial decision that lead you to exactly where you needed to be?

If so, what happened within you that lead you to take that courageous stand?

If not, have you ever regretted a decision you made because it wasn’t really your decision?

How would you like to live your path more courageously and decisively? What would that look like for you?

Are you currently “getting the call” to a different path in your life now? What will you choose?

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