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The Intro of the Heroic Journey

As human beings, we have an innate desire to make sense of life. Some people are more philosophical about it than others, but the desire is there. One of the main reasons we seem to connect to certain movies, books, real-life stories, religious/spiritual texts and even video games, is because the hero’s journey is intertwined in them. We are inspired when people have made it through difficult times and have thrived.

In this blog, I am going to take people through the process of a hero’s journey and the structure of that. I encourage you to consider how the journey impacts your personal life (your health, your relationships with others, money, your body, a Higher Power – if applicable to you) or your professional life (your company, your passions, your purpose).

Joseph Campbell, one of the most well-known people to bring the Hero’s Journey to the mainstream (The Power of Myth – A PBS Special with Bill Moyers; and author of many books, focuses on the myths we live by.

Some definitions for the word MYTH are:

“Myths are not legends or falsehoods. They are the models by which human beings code and organize their perceptions, feelings, thoughts and actions.” (David Feinstein & Stanley Krippner)

“Myths are metaphors which help describe the indescribable. “

“Mythology is an expression of the collective unconscious.” (Joseph Campbell)

“Myths are templates that help carry us through the stages.”

So, when I talk about MYTH in this blog, I will not being using it in the way we often think (myth vs truth).

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