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Doorway of Life

Today you probably walked through many doors…whether it was on the way to take a shower, leaving the house, stepping into your vehicle, or entering your place of work or school (or more).

For a moment, imagine a door…or an entrance way. You have one below if you need your creativity jogged today. Now, from your imagination, journal or ponder these questions:

1. Describe the door or entry way from your imagination. What materials make up your door? i.e. wood, glass, steel, etc.? What color is it? Does it have any type of special design? If so, what is it? Does it have a knob or latch? Is it locked? If so, who has the key? Where is the knob or latch located on your door? Is there any other hardware on the door, if so, what is it? Is there any design or words on the hardware, if so what is it? What does the door open into or out of? Draw your door or entry way.

2. Which side of the door are you on? If it is locked, do YOU have the key or combination?

3. If you do not have the ability to open it yet, do you wish to venture onto the other side of this door? What emotions or thoughts come up as you imagine being on the other side of the door? Who would you allow through your door (be specific)? Why them?

4. If you do have the key or combination, open the door and step through when you are ready. What is on the other side? Describe in great detail.

5. Is there a transition (or preparing to make a transition or decision) that you are currently making in your life? Is there anything you can take from this exercise above that is useful? Which part of the exercise above are you currently in with your transition?

Before you close this exercise, here is an affirmative writing:

I allow myself to transition into and out of different aspects of my life, knowing that the timing and speed of the transition happens in perfect timing for my soul. When I am ready, I will open that part of me and my new life. I integrate the lessons from the other side of the door, knowing that those times and experiences were essential to who I am today. I learn from what some call my “mistakes” because if I learn from them, they were never mistakes, but another way to learn and to be aware of the life that is calling me. The discomfort I experience from growing is a Universal Human Experience…and all those who live a conscious and meaningful life have gone through this growth pain. I consciously know that I join all the generations of wise souls that have gone before me. They have helped to pave my way as I will help pave the way of others. I can be grateful for lessons.

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